Sling TV has been very popular since its introduction, which was officially made less than two years ago. Till now there are some 600,000 subscribers to this over-the-top streaming TV service which is run by DISH Network. Many people have asked if Sling TV is good enough to cancel cable TV. And the answer to this question is, definitely, yes.

Subscribers of Sling TV can get the benefit of watching live TV, be it their favorite channels, and even sports, at a much lower price than what is normally charged for cable TV. And what’s more – there is no need to get into a contract either! So it definitely cannot get any better. Sling TV is affordable when compared to cable, as well as to other streaming possibilities on the market.

PlayStation Vue Cost, Packages , Price:

For instance, take PlayStation Vue. This is yet another TV service which streams live without the need for a cable subscription. However, PlayStation Vue is much more expensive. While Sling TV starts from only $20 per month, PlayStation Vue starts from more than twice as much, at $50 monthly!

So even though both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are essentially offering the same service and streaming practically the same range of channels, there is a considerable difference in the price that subscribers are made to pay.

Apart from that, despite the fact that PlayStation is a well known name, you need to be aware of the fact that PS Vue is not available on PCs and Macs. There is in fact no web app for the PS Vue, and so you will have to stick with the TV or a tablet or smartphone.

On the other hand, Sling TV has a web app that works both for PCs and Macs, and it can also be run on smart TVs, Blu-ray players and Xbox One. However it is not available on Playstation consoles. There is no denying that the web app for Sling TV is a big bonus.

When it comes to video quality PlayStation Vue is not bad, but Sling TV ranks better since it allows users to choose the amount of bandwidth they prefer for the streaming.

Over Verdict For Sling TV vs Vue:

All in all the majority of TV viewers will want a set number of channels, and since the most popular ones are available within the basic package for Sling TV, it is perfect for most clients. On the other hand, for those who want a lot of channels, the price range for Sling TV and PS Vue are almost similar.

Both Sling TV and PlayStation Vue are better than traditional cable TV of course. In both cases subscribers can cancel their subscription whenever they want, and there is not a binding contract and any fees to make them feel bound by any form of agreement.

However, when it comes to live TV, then Sling TV definitely excels. And after all, most TV viewers prefer live streaming to recorded TV programs. Apart from that, the bottom line for many people revolves around the price, which in the case of Sling TV is so much more affordable than what is charged for PlayStation Vue.