Sling TV has become synonymous with live streaming because it allows users to benefit from this wherever they go. The convenience of Sling TV is just superb as one can watch TV channels not just on their TV, but even on their computer, on their tablet and even on their smartphone.

Sling TV is offered in different packages, starting from only $20 per month. One can thus choose the package that best suits his or her budget and channel preferences. The convenience of Sling TV revolves around the fact that apart from being able to choose different packages, one can also opt for add-on packs at the very low cost of $5 per month, in addition to the price of the selected package. Besides, apart from subscribing, one will not be made to stick to a package or add-on for any specific period.

There are no contracts involved, and thus there is complete flexibility. Considering all this, it is no wonder that Sling TV has become so popular, and is attracting many new subscribers consistently. The rates are affordable and the convenience and variety is superb.

What is Roku?

There is then Roku. Roku is one of the most popular media streamers on the market. It is simple to use as a media streamer. The box itself is smallish and the navigation menu will be easily understood. Roku has offered a great deal to users over the years and the company has introduced newer versions of the service as they went along. The main approach has not been changed.

Roku Products:

  • Roku Express. This device is affordable and fast.
  • Roku Express+ will turn old TV set into a smart TV instantly
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku Premiere.
  • Roku Premiere+ allows 4k and HDR
  • Roku Ultra.  Get streaming with stunning 4K and HDR


One will still need to purchase the box which is at around $99. This box will essentially bring the internet content onto the TV. There are some apps and games that users will be able to gain access to thanks to it as well. The latest Roku has come with a new UI improvement and upgraded CPU which reduce performance issues that were considered to be a bit of a problem at times. However, there is still no analog AV output, and there is neither an official YouTube nor DLNA support.

Sling TV vs Roku Comparison – Our Recommendation:

When comparing Sling TV with what Roku offers, there is little doubt that the former is better. Sling TV users do not have to buy any box. They simply subscribe and gain access to the channels according to the selected package. There is no doubt that Sling TV offers better options as well as more convenience and flexibility.

Moreover, if you are looking for live TV, there is no doubt that Sling TV is the best option by far. Live TV is available on some Roku streaming channels. However most of the programming is pre-recorded and not streaming in real time, unlike what you can watch thanks to Sling TV. Thus Roku is definitely not going to be a substitute for traditional cable TV, unlike the possibilities Sling TV offers in this regard. Considering all this, there is definitely no way one can consider Roku to be better than Sling TV.